The Eclectic Jackets. Let us explain…

Let us explain you a little bit more about this Eclectic Jacket Collection. Follow us inside our Style Department and see what’s behind the idea of producing tailored jackets for tall women.

For a start: what’s the main complaint that comes from tall women (after trousers one)? Yes…sleeve length! We can actually count on one hand the brands that create jackets long enough for our arms… So how long are our jackets?

It depends on the size really, for example the sleeves for this new line of tailored jacket on a size 14 is 72.5 cm long (28.5”), but sleeve length ranges between 70 to 75 cm ( 25.5” – 29.5”). Apart from sleeves, the whole jacket is built to fit properly the tall figure, with special adjustments on waist point, pockets position, shoulder and hips.

Although it’s a real problem, the length is not the main reason why we developed this jacket range. We wanted to create something that was not anonymous like the majority of clothes for tall women. We gave a strong personality to each piece, from the colours and contrasts, to the styling, the cut and the detailed finishing.

Our concept for the FW2015 is a very british and a classy, winter look with a twist of colour to face the cold reality. The palette is bold and innovative with yellow mustard and green details, but at the same time is conservative with shades of grey, navy and brown; mixed together results in amazing contrasts!

The fabric choise is also a MAJOR fact for our brand. Each year we dedicate a lot of time to find the perfect fabric for each piece. Exceptional quality is the number one characteristic we look for: the touch has to be soft and gentle, the fit needs to be comfortable and as much natural as possible to allow the skin to breath and allow you to enjoy your day.

With this Eclectic Jacket range we really achieved a made-to-measure feeling, without the big price tag!

Discover the new jackets here!

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