Get the Tall Look / episode 2

The versatile must-have piece for the tall woman.


Kate Middleton

We love Kate Middleton’s style! She dress elegantly for her role, yet still look young and stylish like in this series of photos, where Kate have on a well tailored blazer in an elegant navy blue. The blazer complete the style whether she is wearing a lively dress, a pair of jeans or a business suit.

Wondering where you can find such a versatile, yet original and especially tall, blazer??? Well, the royal look, with all the tall adjustments, is here at Belle Grande! Our tailored Logo Jacket comes in blue navy colour, with orange details or with purple details. Discover our blazer here.


More style tips

For a casual style you can then complete the look with a White Shirt  or the Turtleneck Hazel (for a warmer outfit) and a pair of Jeans Biki.

For a more formal look you can instead wear the elegant Lace Blue Dress which matches the purple details of the Logo Jacket.


What is your style as a tall woman? Share your style here with us in a comment now!


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