Look closer: tall jackets

You might have noticed that our jackets are extremely beautiful, warm and soft…

Would you like to take a closer look?


The Italian textile mill where our fabrics are produced, concentrates a lot on getting the right mix of fibers. The mix of fibers is what determines the texture and the durability of the fabrics.


For example, to make the Jacket Catherine, we used a light, yet very warm and soft, wool and silk blend. Yes, silk! Even in the winter! A small percentage (10%) gives to the fabric: softness, a little shine and makes it more fresh and breathable. Also the fabric has a small, detailed Herringbone pattern to add the final classy touch we love.

Close look to collar on Catherine Tweed in light blue.

Tailoring and Fitting

The jackets have lots of tailoring details to enhance the tall figure and we customized sizes in order to perfectly fit tall beauty. We also improved the wearability adding few inches of allowance in the body, yet maintaining a very structured and fitted look with darts and vertical cuts front and back.

The jackets are neatly tailored in Italy and we put a lot of attention to details with, for example: contrast elbow patches or a cute ‘martingala’ (Italian word for: back waist belt) and an elegant button up front. Look closer in these pictures.

French cuff detail, front.

French cuff detail, back.

Discover our amazing tall Jackets today!

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