Trousers that fit!

Trousers that fit

For many years, I have wondered who designed the trouser that never fits me. I have had a plethora of trousers that were supposed to be for tall women that just didn’t fit, plagued with problems especially the ones that are tagged 33” inside leg! Who on earth wears that!! And when I finally find the one with 36’’ inside leg, the fitting is off! Way off! Why you may ask? Because not all tall women are skinny and not all tall women have skinny legs. I am a 6ft 2.5 athlete with big strong muscular thighs and Yes: no tall collection is made for people like me! Not unless the trouser fabric has a generous amount of elastane in it, like 2-3% elastene will work for a tall athlete. The truth is that the average tall woman is a size 14 and as such a pair of trousers that are tight around the thigh area is a big NO! NO! And after many years of searching and many years of wearing men’s trousers, I have finally found the perfect trouser that fits, for the tall woman.


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